Il 19 giugno, dopo l’assoluzione di MJ, sul suo sito ufficiale è stato pubblicato un ringraziamento a tutti i fans e tutti quelli che hanno pregato e hanno sostenuto Michael. Questo è il testo che è stato pubblicato.

To All of Michael’s Friends, Fans & Supporters: THANK YOU

Created: Sunday, 19 June 2005

On behalf of Michael Jackson, MJJsource would like to express his deepest appreciation to everyone who extended their love, prayers and support to him, his family and his entire team during this very difficult year and a half.


As we close this chapter in all of our lives and embrace a new beginning, Michael wants every fan, friend and supporter to know how truly loved and valued you are.  He felt the power of your prayers, your personal sacrifices and the passion of your hearts in your many acts of love, letters, gifts and emails. There are no words to express how important each of you are to him. He is so deeply thankful to God, his family, his attorneys, his friends and his fans… the incredible power of all your love and dedication was invaluable to him and sustained him as he fought for his life everyday. 


Throughout this experience, you were never far from his thoughts. He knew about your support demonstrations and vigils all over the world. He saw your faces, your banners and your signs at the beginning and end of each court day.  Your constant presence and your cheers were an invaluable source of encouragement for him. He noticed every expression of love placed at his gates; the hearts, the angels, the stars, the banners… He drew strength from your strength… and he expressed his heartfelt gratitude and love for all of you, to those around him, time and time again.  


It is of the highest importance to Michael, that his fans be acknowledged and that they truly know how special they are to him. He is so blessed by your loyalty and your ability to see the truth through all of the deception.


He sincerely thanks you all, with a humble and grateful heart, for standing with him, believing in him and fighting for him. His love and gratitude for you knows no bounds and he shares this victory with you. If he could have, throughout this experience, he would have told each one of you personally, “I love you more.”